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Work with Al to Generate Rapid Results in Your Business Life

Would you like to have Al Perhacs work directly with you and your organization to create massive growth in your sales and marketing resulting in more revenue and profit. Find out why top companies, executives and business owners rely on Al's Mind Force Method of coaching and mentoring.

Power Hour Investment

$700 per/hour

One Day Investment


Two Day Investment

$6,000 (12hrs)

One Year Investment

$50,000 Upfront or $4,997/mo

Add $5,000 + First Class Air & Hotel in the US ($10,000 USD Outside The United States) for travel if Al would be coming to you. If you do the Gold (2 days) you can also book an optional team or executive dinner to build on the principles taught (no additional fee outside of dinner expense).

Otherwise all consulting is done remotely and face-to-face through (ZOOM) video conferencing. There are no refunds or guarantees. All consulting fees and travel expenses are paid up front.

Author, Creator, Visionary

"When You Master The Mindset, Mission & Moves I Will Teach You, You Will Be Transformed..."

Mindset & Clarity Call

In your quest to Gain Mindset Control, Get Confident, and Find Your Clarity, Al Perhacs stands as the visionary guide, ready to illuminate the path ahead. This is your chance to engage in a transformative conversation with the mastermind himself, the Author, Creator, and Visionary of The Mind Force Method. Imagine a conversation that not only highlights your innate strengths but also delicately reveals the areas ripe for your personal growth.

Your journey to becoming a High Performance individual may be much closer than you realize. With Al's unique ability to translate complex concepts into actionable insights, you'll discover the untapped potential within you. The clarity that seemed elusive will start to crystallize as you converse with Al, whose expertise has shaped the destinies of the elite across various fields.

Your FREE Call with Al Perhacs is not just a conversation; it's the first step towards a profound transformation. It's an opportunity to align your aspirations with the strategies that have propelled countless individuals to the pinnacle of their capabilities. Whether you're an executive striving for excellence, an athlete seeking peak performance, or an individual on a quest for personal mastery, this call could be the turning point.

Embrace this moment to connect with the "Mind Force Mentor," to explore the depths of your mind, and to embark on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment. Let Al Perhacs be the catalyst in your pursuit of confidence, clarity, and control over your mindset. The secrets of the MIND FORCE METHOD and the path to becoming a high-performance individual await you. The question is, are you ready to take the first step?

What Should I expect on the call?

The call is about shifting your mindset. I can help anyone shift their mindset in less than an hour. I'll provide clarity for you with regards to issues in your business, career or life. Mindset is the "Mission Critical" element that separates high performance individuals and those who are not.

Why Is This FREE?

If you're thinking what's the catch?" then here are three reasons that should put your mind at ease:  

A. Thomas Perhacs's fee for his "Power Hour" consultations is $700 and high performance men and women and those who want to be, invest in this regularly.

For one thing, this is an inexpensive way to find out what the people  really want to learn and need help with. We also know that giving FREE access puts this information within the reach of everyone...from college students, men and women, young and old alike and even those who might want to enroll in advanced coaching. 

​I want to weed out those who want something for no work... We only want serious people who take action, and put in the flight time...

We tested it, and decided that offering this for FREE  generated the best overall interest ​as a way for us to test our marketing.

We also believe that once you get clarity on where you want to go, you'll want more and maybe...just'll come back,  and possibly even upgrade to the MIND FORCE UP-LEVEL CONTROL COACHING & MENTORING , where you get access to our complete Library of trainings and Boot Camps, access to INNER CIRCLE-Members-Only live trainings, and more...But that's it...

Am I Going to Be Sold Something?

The number one priority on these calls is to get you clarity on challenges that might be preventing you from having transformations and breakthroughs in your life. Once we determine what your goals are  & find out where you're at now and where you want to go, what your struggling with and based on that, I can figure out if there is something I can help you out with, and if there is a fit,  I may recommend a solution.

What Happens After The Call?

You'll be given a strategy and direction depending on your goals and objectives and how fast you want to accelerate your skills and how fast you want to transform your life for the better.